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This pack contains 38 game ready PBR assets with collision meshes for a medieval tavern interior. The .unitypackage also contains 51 prefabs with collisions and light sources set up.

The list of the models:
Apple: 395 verts, 776 tris, 2 texture variants;
Barrel: 808 verts, 1310 tris;
Barrel Stand: 208 verts, 400 tris;
Barrel Tap: 389 verts, 742 tris;
Candle: Default: 215 verts, 409 tris; Full: 242 verts, 461 tris; Half: 276 verts, 528 tris; Flame: 26 verts, 48 tris;
Candelabra: 3051 verts, 6044 tris;
Candle Cup: 524 verts, 1040 tris;
Carrot: 250 verts, 496 tris;
Cauldron: 1158 verts, 2320 tris;
Bar Stool: 322 verts, 488 tris;
Bench: 364 verts, 640 tris;
Simple Chair: 656 verts, 1194 tris;
Small Stool: 278 verts, 464 tris;
Chandelier: Top: 2198 verts, 4272 tris; Bottom: 4198 verts, 8112 tris;
Cheese: 162 verts, 320 tris;
Ceramic Cup: 317 verts, 634 tris;
Metal Cup: 327 verts, 736 tris;
Fire Log: 240 verts, 476 tris;
Fire Pit: 4707 verts, 8876 tris;
Fireplace: Base: 3951 verts, 7724 tris; Chimney: 209 verts, 382 tris;
Wall Lamp: 1330 verts, 2600 tris;
Bowl: 156 verts, 308 tris;
Plate: 92 verts, 180 tris;
Animal Rug: 144 verts, 218 tris, 3 texture variants;
Table Cloth: 128 verts, 196 tris, 3 model variations;
Flour Sack: 378 verts, 752 tris;
Pillow: 170 verts, 336 tris;
Bedside Table: 1384 verts, 1594 tris;
Cupboard: 910 verts, 1544 tris;
Pantry: 392 verts, 752 tris;
Wall Rack: 164 verts, 306 tris;
Tomato: 555 verts, 1092 verts;
Long Bottle: 178 verts, 320 tris;
Short Bottle: 338 verts, 640 tris;
Jug: 250 verts, 518 tris;

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Tags3D, FBX, game-asset, interior, Low-poly, Medieval, pbr, tavern, Unity, unitypackage


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What's the license for this? CCBY or CC0 or something else?

I'm sorry that I downloaded it without donating. I'm so broke right now. I'll definitely donate as soon as I stand back. thank you for this!

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wow amazing work brother

great work! Very lovely!

really incredible job!

Hey, just wanna say, nice work on these assets, just wanna check, are these assets free to use? even for commercial purposes

Yep, free to use for any purpose.

Hi, i'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is jon.silvera@fuze.co.uk

Many thanks

Hot damn. This can't be free, can it?

j'ai pas les matériaux




Nice Job!


That's a ton of high quality assets - good work, soi!